What is March for Our Lives?

March for our Lives is a national organization dedicated to ending gun violence in America. Founded by survivors of the Florida Parkland Shooting, it's grown into a giant coalition of activists and student leaders across the nation, capable of holding its own against the NRA in scale and power.

‚Äč MFOL Katy was founded in hopes of providing a regional chapter of the national organization here in Texas, where we can build broad support in the heart of the South. It was established just prior to the national OurPower summit, and was reinvigorated by the deadly back-to-back shootings at El Paso and Dayton. Our members span schools and school districts, and we hope to build youth power to enact real policy change in Texas.

End the Bloodshed

Nothing can justify this.


The number of Americans killed by gun violence every year


The number of people shot every day, on average


The cost of each human life paid for by NRA lobbying money